Todd and Theresa

Todd & Theresa are owners of the popular Ohio business, GIANT Lemonade Cup, LLC. Having both worked the corporate rat race for many years, they began to search for a more independent lifestyle.  Todd created their 12ft “Cup” concession stand and a great business was born.  Operating their business throughout only the summer season in Ohio, the Dronsfield’s began their ‘snowbird’ lifestyle in Florida in 2012. Upon discovering the rich history and beauty of the Sarasota area, they knew they needed to make it a permanent move.  Theresa has been an Event Planner in an unofficial capacity since 1997 and added it to her resume officially upon creating Sunbury Sizzle & Sounds Food & Music Festival in 2010. Todd is a custom Coach driver leading many tours on the road around Florida and enjoys learning all that he can about the area they will now call home.